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Absolute Computing is your source for 3D Printers in Colorado Springs, CO. A 3D printer allows the user to create objects from various materials in 3 dimensional form. 3D printing technology is not new, however due to recent patent expiration’s and other factors such as open source projects, 3D printers are now available to the average person at affordable prices. Absolute Computing can help you with purchasing your first 3D printer as well providing 3D printer parts and supplies. Absolute Computing has been providing people with quality computer related parts and services for over 20yrs and is well positioned to help people make the transition to 3D printing and the home manufacturing revolution.

Which 3D Printer is right for you?

There are many factors involved with deciding which 3D printer is right for you. What type of material you can use. The size of the objects you wish to design, create and produce. A 3D printer kit or a fully assembled 3D printer. These are just a few of the questions you will need to answer in your quest for a 3D printer just for you. Absolute Computing can help you will all these questions and more. We offer both a 3D printer kit as well as fully assembled units. We can also help you get your computer setup with the necessary software to design and print. The home 3D printing revolution has begun and Absolute Computing is positioning itself to provide the best products and support in the area.

 Our 3D Printer

Absolute Computing is committed to supplying only the highest quality 3D printers, parts and supplies. To that end we currently offer the K8200 3D printer. Choosing this model allows us to partner with an international manufacturer that can provide a consistent supply of high quality parts and supplies.

3D Printer - K8200It’s a DIY 3D printer kit that can print objects of maximum 20 x 20 x 20 cm using PLA or ABS filament (3 mm plastic wire). An extremely fast, reliable and precise 3D printer even when printing at higher speeds. The K8200 is compatible with all free RepRap software and firmware. Solid aluminum profile with a heated bed and easy assembly. Completely leaves room to the user to freely alter the machine and modify it to their liking.

Absolute Computing has selected the K8200 3D printer as our first 3D printer. We have partnered with a leader in the manufacturing industry that produces reliable parts and equipment, consistently. We wanted a 3D printer with excellent documentation and support, which can be difficult to find in a new industry.